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First, read some Maddi Jane bio and then make a call.

Maddi Jane bio – Madeleine Jane Gray (born September 4, 1998, Chicago, Illinois, USA) is an American singer who was known for her cover versions of popular songs on YouTube. Her YouTube channel has over 350 million hits on . their videos (as of September 2015) She was already several times on the Billboard Social 50 chart [4]; with their cover of Rolling in the Deep it peaked at # 4. Meanwhile counts her YouTube account about 1.3 million subscribers (as of September 2015). Your most watched video is the cover version of Price Tag (Jessie J). Her song Barricade was the end of 2012 part of the soundtrack for Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks . This New Year’s fireworks is held annually at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and attracts annually to about 1.5 million viewers. More than one billion viewers worldwide follow the event on television.

source wikipedia

Maddi Jane news!what's Maddi Jane phone number

  • Maddi had such a great time with the fans at Disney’s Emoji Blitz launch at Downtown Disney. Their new mobile game lets you match and collect emojis of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters. Watch the video to test your Disney trivia knowledge!
  • source wikipedia has certainly grown a lot since we’ve got to know this talented young man, and all of his hard work is seemingly really paying off! The young potential superstar released a brand new video and single with his fellow talented youngster Maddi Jane called Turned Out The Lights!
  • 12-year old Maddi Jane — who has been lighting up YouTube with covers and Adele and Jessie J — returns to the Billboard Social 50 chart this week, re-entering at No. 36. The youngster, who curated a playlist for YouTube Music Tuesdays on Oct. 17, raised her YouTube profile views from 104,000 to 153,000 over the last week. Jane, who has racked up 145 million total upload views on her YouTube channel, also added an additional 26,000 overall fans.

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