Robert Pattinson Phone Number + WhatsApp

Robert Pattinson Phone Number + WhatsApp

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First, read some Robert Pattinson bio and then make a call.

Robert Thomas Pattinson was born vis–vis May 13, 1986 in London, England. Pattinson is the youngest of three children, and the unaccompanied son born to Robert and Clare Pattinson. During his childhood, his dad ran a car-importing issue and his mother worked for a modeling agency.

Despite his sometimes bashful personality, Robert Pattinson wanted to be a performer from an in front age; first as a musician gone his older sister Lizzy Pattinson. It was his father who Robert Pattinson phone numberstrongly encouraged him to attempt out acting. During one memorable night out for dinner in the future his dad, the two found themselves sitting against a organization of teenager girls who told Pattinson they’d just returned from the Barnes Theater Club, a renowned theater program at the Harrodian School, a private moot in Barnes, England, just uncovered of London.

Up until I was 12 my sisters used to dress me up as a girl and introduce me as ‘Claudia’! Twelve was a turning point as I moved to a mixed school and then I became cool and discovered hair gel.
It’s strange, somebody asked for my autograph the other day. Because I finished school and I’m not really doing anything at the moment, I was just kind of aimlessly wandering around London and these two guys who were about 30 came up and asked for my autograph. I was really quite proud at the time, and they wanted to take photos and stuff. And then they were sort of wandering around and I was kind of wandering around and I bumped into them about three times, and every single time their respect for me kept growing and growing and growing.
They [Barnes Theatre Club] were a very good group, and for some reason when I finished the backstage thing, I just decided to that I should try to act. So I auditioned for Guys and Dolls and got a little tiny part as some Cuban dancer or something and then in the next play I got the lead part, and then I got my agent. So I owe everything to that little club.

Robert Pattinson news and gossip

  • Robert Pattinson: Kristen Stewart Didn’t Mean To Hurt Him By Calling Their Love ‘Gross’. Kristen Stewart shocked fans when she called her longtime relationship with Robert Pattinson ‘gross’ in a new interview, but we’ve learned that Kristen didn’t actually mean to hurt Rob’s feelings or diss him in any way. So why did she say it? Here’s the answer! A source tells that when Kristen Stewart, 26, referred to her relationship with Rob Pattinson, 30, as “gross” in an interview with T magazine, she wasn’t taking shots at him. “Kristen‘s intention with talking about her past relationship with Rob had nothing to do with trying to hurt him or disrespect him in any way,” the insider reveals. “The reason she was so candid was to show Alicia [Cargile] how much she loves her and how invested she is in their relationship.” Rob had nothing to do with it!
  • Mia Wasikowska Joins Robert Pattinson As She Arrives at LAX Airport. Mia Wasikowska smiles for the camera as she arrives at LAX Airport on Monday  in Los Angeles. Robert Pattinson was also spotted catching a flight out of LAX on the same day as the 26-year-old actress.

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