Randy Orton phone number

randy orton cell number

Love Randy? make a call! Randy Orton phone number leaked!

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randy orton phone numberGet contact to Randy Orton – what is Randy Orton phone number?

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First, read some Randy Orton bio and then make a call.

Randy Orton wiki – Randall Keith “Randy” Orton (born April 1, 1980)can be an American professional wrestler and actor who’s been used by WWE since 2001. He is a 12-time world champion, having held the WWE (World Heavyweight) Championship eight times along with the World Heavyweight Championship 4x. He seemed to be the final holder of the World Heavyweight Championship before it was unified together with the WWE Championship, now known as the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

BIRTH NAME: Randal Keith Orton
BORN: April 1, 1980 (age 35) in Knoxville, Tennessee
HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 6 ft 4 in, 245 lbs.

Randy Orton news!whats randy orton phone number

Randy Orton needs a lightened WWE schedule, an investigation in the wrestling observer newsletter states.
The story first emerged when Ric Flair mentioned it on his podcast, noting that Orton is as soon as the old Shawn Michaels schedule. He’d be employed by a while, then have much time off. He wouldn’t perform ton of shows, especially avoiding house shows.
The thing is, Orton is simply 35. Michaels was obviously a veteran when he previously had that in their free time deal from 2002 – 2010. But the observer report shows “That’s on the list of perks of his making a whole lot money during the last decade, within the sense he could be probably set financially.”
Orton was main eventing for WWE dating back 2003, when he took part in SummerSlam’s Elimination Chamber match. He’s easily been making spanning a million dollars 12 months for a decade now. He could just quit if he didn’t find the lighter schedule, giving himself leverage against WWE.
Orton has been benefiting from much time off this season. He had a several week vacation plus some weekends off work. If you check out his Twitter, you can see they are loving his life from the ring. He even adopted a rescued dog.


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