Niall Horan (Phone number, whatsapp and e-mail)

Niall Horan phone number

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niall horan phone numberNiall Horan phone number and whatsapp!

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Niall Horan phone number

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First, read some Niall Horan bio, then we can make a call.

Art: Music, TV Series (One Direction)

Band: One Direction

Niall was born in Mullingar in County Westmeath in Irland. He’s mother is Maura Gallagher, his father is Bobby Horan. He have older brother. His parents divorsed, when he was 5 years old inwhats Niall Horan phone number 1998. He started his career when he was 16 by going to seventh series of the X Factor in Dublin. He have not easy way to become a popular star, he sang “So Sick” and received so mixed comments from the refferies, but finally he was put trough to bootcamp.

By singing in X Factor, he signed a record contract with Sony Music, and released first studio album “Up all night” – it became a big hit in all the world. In 2012 with One Direction he released album “Take me home” with starting song Live While We’re Young.

He’s quotes [quote]

  • “I like anything that’s edible…”
  • “Yes, Liam, Good Answer!”
  • “I’m a big fat idiot!”
  • “Let’s go to Nando’s!” (Common Quote)
  • “I want to have sold out arenas, an album…”
  • “I look up to Justin Bieber…”
  • “Yes, it upsets me very much (when girls cry)”
  • “Well, personally, I wouldn’t like to be a food, because I wouldn’t want to be eaten.”
  • “POTATO!”
  • “Cheeseburgers and jellybabies.”(something he says during an awkward moment)
  • “I’d rather be a boy playing with a paper plane, than to be a grown man playing with a woman’s heart.”


Niall Horan news and gossip! 

  • Niall Horan Will be Appearing at Golf Tournament Later this Month!. Niall Horan hides behind sunglasses while arriving at LAX airport on Tuesday (September 20) in Los Angeles. The 23-year-old former One Direction bandmate is will soon be heading to Minnesota for the Ryder Cup golf tournament later this month.
  • Simon Cowell Throws Shade At One Direction Members For Not Including Him In Their Solo Careers — Quips ‘Sorry For Making You Famous’! Simon Cowell is trying REALLY hard to not be bitter about the guys of One Direction moving on! Just weeks after Simon Cowell predicted that “loyal” Niall would join Syco as a solo singer, Niall reportedly decided to move to rival Universal’s Capitol because they offered him more money.
  • Niall Horan’s Instagram has been leaked by the same ‘fools’ that leaked Tom Hiddleston’s account. Niall Horan has had his Instagram account leaked by the same jokers who leaked Tom Hiddleston’s account in August.

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