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Gabo Moretti phone number

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Read some Mariano Gonzalez aka Gabo Moretti bio and then make a call. Read about ONCE Disney XD

ONCE (O11CE) DISNEY XD – In the show there is an international cast, headed by Argentine actor Mariano González. The series premiered on Disney XD throughout Latin America and Europe in 2017. The eleven is to combine comedy, drama, romance and sport, and contain many Gabo Moretti phonesecrets. Argentinean actors Agustina Palma, Federico Gurruchaga, Javier Eloy Bonanno, Guido Pennelli, Paulina Vetrano, Renato Quattordio, Santiago Luna and Tomás Blanco, Argentinean Juan David Penagos, Mexican Sebastián Athié and Brazilian Luan Brum are playing there. Production of the series – consisting of 80 episodes of 22 minutes – began in the spring of 2016. The director is Sebastián Pivotto.

O11CE is the story of Gabo, a young talent from the interior of Argentina, the captain and the star of a small team. Gabo lives with her grandmother and ignores many things about her family history, but that does not bother her: in her head, there is only room for passes, centers and shots to the frame. Gabo is found by a scout from the best team: the Hawks, and is invited to be part of the program that works around the team. O11CE is also the history of the Academic Sports Institute, a space where play, study and technology come together to try different forms of the best sports teams. At the Academic Sports Institute there are also girls who play volleyball. Although he is on his way to fulfilling his dreams, Gabo faces a harsh reality: in his team, not everyone is willing to work together. Thus knows Lorenzo, the Mexican player who is the star of the team and is determined to be the captain at all costs. The directors of the Falcons put chips to the booties of each player to measure their performance and these statistics will be the ordeal (and then glory) of Gabo. He, with the advice of his coach, will become a positive leader for his team, one that celebrates and internalizes both defeats and victories, and one that will teach others more than results, in football – and In life itself – it matters more the way and the learned in it.

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