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James David Maslow – He was borned July 16, 1990 – he is an american actor, singer. Most famous for the playing role of James Diamond on Big Time Rush tv series.
Maslow was born in New York City, New York, and raised in La Jolla, California.His father is Jewish and his mother is Catholic; he was raised Jewish, attended Hebrew educational six days a week during his childhood, and had a Bar Mitzvah.He has described himself as a “religious and spiritual person”

At the age of six, Maslow began training as a singer subsequently than his parents placed him in the San Diego Children’s Choir. He attended La Jolla and Torrey Pines elementary schools, Muirlands Middle School, and San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts.He had a little role in the San Diego Opera’s production of La bohme gone he was 10 years old.

Maslow made his acting debut in 2008 as Shane in an episode of the Nickelodeon involve at the forefront iCarly. He in addition to appeared in urFRENZ in 2009, in which he portrayed a environment named Brandon.

In 2012, he filmed an episode of See Dad Run, playing the role of actor Scott Baio’s former TV son, Ricky.

Maslow was featured in the region of speaking the lid of the July 2014 cause problems of FitnessRx Magazine.

He’s quotes:


Singing is what got me into everything and made me fall in love with this industry
Both singing and acting are so rewarding that I couldn’t pick between the two.
I’m definitely a religious and spiritual person, however, as sad as it is, I don’t have the time to be a practicing Jew these days. Frankly, after going to Hebrew school six days a week for many years, I decided not to go to temple as much as I got older. But, I love spending time with my Jewish friends in LA. On any High Holiday, I really try and actually take a break from work and spend time with my family… I love my religion. I was never Orthodox or raised that way. In fact, my mother is Catholic, so there’s a little difference there. The bloodline is passed down through the mother, but I was bar mitzvahed and raised Jewish. I believe in religion wholeheartedly. Ironic as it is and maybe sad as it is, I don’t have time to practice. But, I’m okay with that these days because I know what I believe in, and I don’t think that it really offends anybody. It’s a different time these days than when my parents, and especially my grandparents, were around.



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