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Connor Franta bio – (born September 12, 1992) is undoubtedly an American entrepreneur, writer, and YouTuber. As of November 2015, his self-named main channel on YouTube has 5 million subscribers. Franta was formerly an associate of YouTube group Our Second Life (stylized Our2ndLife and O2L) in the Fullscreen Network, but is an independent an associate the Big Frame network, managed by Andrew Graham.

Franta recently become involved in numerous entrepreneurial enterprises, including a clothing line, music curation, and a coffee and lifestyle brand named Common Culture. His debut book, a memoir, A Work in Progress, was already released on April 21, 2015. In July 2015, information of Heard Well, a list label Franta co-founded, were announced. Inspired by other YouTube vloggers including Shane Dawson and Mitchell Davis, Franta uploaded his first video to YouTube in August 2010. He has greater than 355 million thoughts about his channel well as over 5.4 million subscribers, rendering it the 158th most subscribed channel on this planet.

Connor Franta NEWS!Connor Franta cell number

  • Connor is featured inside newest issue of Paper Magazine. High quality photos on the photoshoot are already added to the gallery so be sure to check those out and click on “Read most of this entry” to see the interview, below.
  • n a selective interview with, Connor Franta has spoken candidly about his decision to be released on the Internet, along with sharing intimate thoughts and experiences from his career as being a YouTube Sensation. The interview can be a must-read for everyone Franta fans and millennial folk questioning the secrets behind essentially the most influential YouTube creators ever.
  • Check out the cool cover art for Connor Franta‘s fifth Common Culture Compilation Volume V! The 23-year-old YouTube stars’ album includes tracks from artists for instance Duke Dumont, Autograf, and WILDES, and others.
  • In an upmarket interview with, Connor Franta has spoken candidly about his decision to be sold on the Internet, together with sharing intimate thoughts and experiences from his career like a YouTube Sensation. The interview can be a must-read for many Franta fans and millennial folk curious about the secrets behind essentially the most influential YouTube creators out of them all. Read the whole interview!
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